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NASCAR Camping And Southeast Team Up

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 11.03.53 AMThe official campground network of NASCAR has signed a four-year agreement with Southeast Publications that will give their partner campgrounds and resorts exclusive benefits when they align their property with the NASCAR Campground Network, according to an announcement from Southeast Publications.

NASCAR Campground Network has more than 40 RV resorts currently participating and 3,200 hunting lodges, fishing lodges, shooting ranges, scuba diving providers and other travel related providers to offer discounts to their swelling member base. Currently, it is estimated that there are more than 75 million NASCAR fans, and the majority of their fan base enjoy outdoor recreation.

President of NASCAR Campground Network Adam DiPierto said, “We know that Southeast Publications is focused on quality and promoting their partners and I believe they understand that having a partnership with NASCAR Campground Network will be a huge driver of business for their partner resorts and campgrounds.”

He continued, “When your property aligns with NASCAR Campground Network, you have the ability to leverage one of our nation’s top brands to drive business from an extremely large and loyal audience.”

Fans will enjoy weekend activities centered on racing events to add to the overall NASCAR experience at participating NASCAR Campground Network locations. Recently, the NASCAR Campground Network had a promotional weekend sponsored by Cheez-It that gave all fans free samples, premiums and promotional giveaways that supported the weekly NASCAR-themed events around NASCAR races.

Details of the agreement indicate that Southeast Publications will be named the official Guest Guide provider of the NASCAR Campground Network with exclusive rights to waive fees associated with use of the NASCAR Campground Network brand which range up to $2,000.00 per property annually.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 1.59.27 PMSoutheast Publications Business Development Director Brian McGuinn said, “Our mission is to drive business to our partners and we’ve been approached by many companies to grow their network of affiliated properties for their member base, but we never moved because we were waiting for this particular opportunity. We believe with our efforts developing our MobileRVing community and our partnership with NASCAR Campground Network, we will not only give a distinct marketing advantage to our partners but bring new campers into the lifestyle.”

The NASCAR Campground Network has the unique capability of leveraging NASCAR digital assets like their enormous social-media audience and other brand assets to assist in driving traffic to their network.

Their initiatives include filling spaces and creating new opportunities for their resorts and campgrounds. Affiliated resorts and campgrounds can also increase their revenues by signing on new NASCAR Campground members at their resort both actively and passively.

McGuinn said, “Through Southeast Publications, our partners' guest guides and banners can now be a mechanism for our properties to increase their revenues and sign on new NASCAR Campground Network members. We will be placing custom codes within their publication’s advertisements that, when used, will compensate our partners.”

According to McGuinn, when a new member uses the code afforded to Southeast Publications, it will save the resort’s guests $20 off their annual NASCAR Campground Network membership and a significant portion of the initial signup fee will then be redirected to Southeast Publication’s partner resorts and campgrounds.

Affiliated RV resorts and campgrounds will also receive NASCAR Campground Network flags and other promotional items for free when they sign on to the NASCAR Campground Network. For the RV resorts and campgrounds that build their NASCAR fan base, their resort may be visited by NASCAR drivers or have their events sponsored by major brands affiliated with NASCAR.

Southeast Publications Vice President Carlene Morris said, “This is going to be a game changer and our resorts will not want to miss out on this opportunity.”


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