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CampReward Launches To Help Fill Sites

October 5, 2015 by   Leave a Comment

CampReward Logo 60A new online travel company recently launched to focus on providing RV parks and Campgrounds in the United States, Canada and Mexico another marketing channel to book campsites. announced that it is the first online travel company to offer consumers the opportunity to book their camping trips online while earning reward points that can be used for future trips and eventually camping gear.

“We are very excited about our recent launch and to be a part of the camping and travel industry,” said Mark Duris, CampReward’s CEO and founder. "We are very excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and have seen a nice response from visitors to our site as they sign up for their free account, receive promotions and offers, and view our partnered campgrounds for their next camping trip," he told Woodall's Campground Management.

"I've been a camper for many, many years," Duris told WCM. "My wife and I and the kids were traveling in a motorhome. I'm one of those guys who scours the Internet. As we were traveling up there we passed a couple of campgrounds that looked pretty cool, and I thought, 'How come these guys never came up in my searches?' I've been an entrepreneur for many years. My wife said, 'There you go, could be a new business.'

"By the time we got back, the entrepreneurial spirit kicked in," said the Illinois resident. "It just started snowballing from there."

Duris said campgrounds across North America partnered with CampReward even before it launched. "We love being able to partner up. We find it hard to say no," he said.

Mark Duris“We are further partnering with industry suppliers so guests can add on camping gear, campground activities and rentals, RV rentals and local attractions for package deals, to create a one-stop-shopping experience.” said Duris.

“We are highly committed to building lasting relationships with our future customers, employees and partners as we work towards our goal of becoming the premier online travel agency in the RV park and camping industry,” said Ryan Douglas, CampReward’s COO/CMO and co-founder, and a former Expedia executive.

In the near future, CampReward will build upon their reward system to include a tiered loyalty program that will entail multiple levels of memberships. Under the new loyalty program, each tier reached would include additional benefits for guests and added value for being a loyal customer of CampReward. “We are working tirelessly to invigorate the camping industry the way companies like Expedia and have done for the travel industry” Duris explained.

"As a campground owner, you don't have to pay any up-front commission. It's absolutely free to join. Think of it as free online marketing because you're able to pop in all the information about your campground — your amenities, your local attractions, how many pools you have, how many playgrounds you have, take pictures of them — anything you want to communicate to your potential customer.

"If somebody jumps on your profile and loves your profile, it doesn't necessarily mean they have to use us to book. They can jump on the phone and call the campground and book. So it's free marketing. Consider it a gift, a bonus. If they do contact us and book through us, we take a commission and we absorb all the credit-card costs within that commission," and it allows campers to earn points.

The service agreement has no set time period, "so if for some reason you don't like the service, you could contact us and cancel. We just ask for a 30-day period," Duris said, so they can take care of any open reservations.

"The campground owner can add as many or as little sites as they'd like. So if they'd like to put 10% of their sites on CampReward, they have that ability. If they'd like to give us all and say, 'Go to town. We have very low occupancy. Sell it.' We can do that. If they have blackout dates, we won't sell any of those sites at those times," Duris said.

"We're focusing on integrating with reservation-management systems," he said. They can also provide a free basic system or can accommodate campgrounds with a manual booking system. launched on Sept. 22. People can check them out and sign up for a free account at



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