Purple RV Causes Stir at Texas Park

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An RV painted with purple accents is causing a big problem in an East Austin, Texas, mobile home/RV park, according to CBS 42, Austin.
The RV owner says the purple makes her happy. The owner of the park says he’s sorry but it goes against the rules.
Lola Stephens, Queen as she likes to be called, moved her RV into the Royal Palms mobile home park just two months ago. But her presence is already being seen and felt after she painted purple accents on her RV.
Stephens, a devout Christian, says the color came to her in a dream from the Bible.
“It’s from Joseph’s coat of many colors,” Stephens said Friday. “This is not even my favorite color. God gave me this color. I promise to God, God gave me that and I can’t get rid of it. It just follows me everywhere I go. And I love it. I understand the meaning of it. It’s uplifting.”
Generous church members bought the once homeless woman the RV. She pays for the rent on the lot.
“It may be small and old, but it’s the most beautiful home I have ever seen,” Stephens said.
Sidney Lanier owns the Royal Palms mobile home park. He says Stephens is unreasonable to deal with. He says she screamed and cursed at one of his employees.
Community rules at Royal Palms call for “conventional exterior colors.”
“I love the color purple. But it’s not a conventional exterior color for a home,” Lanier said. “If you make an exception for one resident, you open the Pandora’s Box for every other resident to be able to say, ‘That person got to violate a rule, I so I should be able to violate this rule’.”
Lanier says if Stephens doesn’t like the rules, she’s welcome to move her purple accented RV somewhere else.
Stephens says she was never told, before moving in, that there were rules prohibiting her from painting her RV purple. Lanier concedes that all residents living month-to-month are given an abridged version of the park’s rules. The abridged version does not specify exterior colors for RVs and manufactured homes. But, the abridged version does say a complete list of the rules and regulations are available to view in the office.
Lanier says Stephens never asked to see the full list of rules.
Stephens is paid through Aug. 4. After that, if the purple isn’t painted over, she’ll be forced to move.
Stephens says she is so broke that she may have to go back to being homeless because she cannot afford to move.


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