Boy Survives Cougar Attack in Canada

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A 12-year-old boy is recovering in a hospital after he was attacked by a cougar at a campground in western Canada, police said on Thursday (Aug. 2), according to Reuters.
The boy’s family heard his screams and a man was able to pull the cougar off, but not before the child received claw and bite wounds to his head and upper body, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said.
The family used their vehicle to flee after the attack on Wednesday and alerted police in the nearby town of Clinton, in central British Columbia. The cougar remained near the campground and was shot by wildlife officers, police said.
The boy was airlifted to a hospital in Vancouver where he was reported to be in good condition.
Wildlife experts say cougars, also known as mountain lions, are opportunistic hunters and seem to be attracted to children. Conservation officers said this cat may have mistaken the boy for a deer or other wild prey.
Victims of cougar attacks are told to fight back rather than attempt to run away.


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