Colo. RV Pads Must Be Removed

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Horn Creek Conference Center near Westcliffe, Colo., cannot construct and operate an RV site at its facility, in spite of the fact that the sites are already in place, according to the Wet Mountain Tribune.
That was the unanimous decision Tuesday (Aug. 7) by the Custer County commissioners during a planning commission meeting. Planning commission members also made the unanimous recommendation to the commissioners to deny the request.
Among the reasons cited by the commissioners and planning commission to deny the special use permit were Horn Creek’s perceived disregard for the county’s zoning regulations, opposition by the public and water concerns.
A petition with some 80 signatures stating opposition to granting the Special Use Permit (SUP) to allow the conference center to operate a six-pad RV site on the facility was presented during the public hearing.
To the surprise of many, it was revealed that the RV sites had already been constructed and were being used prior to county review of the request. Rod Coker, a representative for Horn Creek and a member of the planning commission, countered by saying the RV sites were temporary to allow volunteer workers to camp on the facility while working at Horn Creek for a few weeks.
When asked how Horn Creek planned to provide water to the proposed RV sites, Coker said, “The RV site will be served by one of our current water systems.”
Planning commission member Lynn Attebery said Horn Creek’s current substitute water supply plan with the state water engineer’s office is specific regarding use. Those uses of the water include domestic, recreation, stock watering and irrigation.
After denying Horn Creek’s request for an SUP to operate a RV site, the commissioners told Coker the temporary sites must be removed. Horn Creek has 30 days to comply with the request to remove the RV sites.


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