Minn. Campground Flooding Update

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A Saturday night campout turned into catastrophe at Whitewater State Park and the Lazy-D Campground in southeast Minnesota, according to WCCO-TV, Minneapolis.
“We’re just lucky to be alive,” said camper Jacob Geiser. “Campers are everywhere. It looks like a tornado, or typhoon or something just ripped through there.”
He doesn’t even know what happened to his truck. Flood water rushed in so quickly that RVs were turned into boats, floating and crashing into each other. One camper was crushed in half by a large tree.
People attempting to escape Whitewater State Park had the danger of navigating roads covered with mudslides. A chunk of Highway 74 was washed away.
The Lazy-D camp site had unexpected detours as well.
By a little after 10 it was up into the campgrounds and the park was under water,” said John Pearson who helped with the evacuation.
Travel by boat was the only option, even by Sunday afternoon. The town of Elba was left underwater; just the tops of cars could be seen everywhere.
“Talk about scary, yeah. It really worries you. You know, some of these bridges are old as it is, and of course they’re all plugged up with trees, and everything from campers to LP tanks. It’s just unbelievable, unreal,” said Elba resident Charlie Connelly.
Some people were rescued from their rooftop by helicopter in Elba. They were flown to a Red Cross shelter at the high school gymnasium in St. Charles.
The aftermath is causing plenty of headaches. Power was shut off in Elba as a precaution after there was a small fire causing concerns about gas problems.


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