Ore. RV Park Residents May Be Taxed

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A proposed ordinance may close a tax exemption for longtime recreational park residents in Winston, Ore., and compel them to pay the same transient room tax as hotel and motel users, according to the Roseburg News-Review.
The 5% tax is currently applied to hotel and motel rooms, and also to RV park users who rent spaces for up to 29 days as a funding source for the Chamber of Commerce, City Administrator David Van Dermark told the City Council during their Aug. 6 meeting.
The proposed ordinance, which was a discussion topic only and has not yet had a first reading, would ensure that people who use an RV park as a permanent address would also have to pay the tax.
“Literally what this council is doing is, because we have so many longtime residents in recreational vehicle parks, is they’re removing the exemption for recreational vehicle parks so that whether it’s your first day or seventh year … you’ll pay a transient room tax for that housing,” Van Dermark said.
Van Dermark said after the meeting that it was unclear how much money would be raised by applying the tax to RV park residents, but that there were about 140 spaces that could be taxed.
Some area residents in the audience were very vocal in their opposition to closing the loophole, despite being told that the discussion was not a public hearing.
“Taxation is armed robbery, and it affects the people of the city and the county. To me, that says you’re doing things under the table,” said Rae Copitka.
Loma Wharton said the tax would affect her father, who lives in an RV park “because he can’t afford to live someplace else.”
Penny Mills, the chamber president, said the chamber will not have an official position on the proposed ordinance until the review process had been completed.
The City Council will discuss the ordinance again on Sept. 4.


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