2 Colo. Campgrounds Close Early

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Two U.S. Forest Service campgrounds in Colorado will close early so crews can cut about 400 trees attacked by the mountain pine beetle, according to the Loveland Daily Reporter-Herald.
Browns Park Campground, which typically closes at the end of November, and Tunnel Campground, which usually closes at the end of October, will close Sept. 17.
If crews complete the cutting early, the campgrounds could reopen this fall, said Reghan Cloudman, spokeswoman for the Canyon Lakes Ranger District of the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests.
Chambers Lake Campground might also close early for cutting. If not, it will remain open until its scheduled Sept. 30 closing.
Mountain pine beetles, which are native to the area, bury themselves in a pine tree, robbing the tree of nourishment and eventually killing it.
For the most part, the pine beetles have been destroying Colorado’s lodgepole pines, but they also can attack ponderosa, Scotch, limber, bristlecone and pinyon pines.
Larimer County’s mountain pine beetle situation has not reached epidemic proportions as in forested areas of Grand County, but there are small areas of pine beetle infestation in Larimer County that are growing.
The Canyon Lakes Ranger District sprayed about 5,900 trees earlier this year in the Tunnel, Chambers Lake, Browns Park, Grandview and Long Draw campgrounds to help prevent the spread of mountain pine beetles.


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