‘Green’ Bathrooms to Cost $1 million

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The Saskatchewan provincial government said Sept. 17 it will spend close to $1 million to install “green” campground washrooms at two Regina-area provincial parks, according to the Saskatchewan News Network.
The government will rebuild washrooms at Rowan’s Ravine and Echo Valley provincial parks, making them more energy-efficient in the process. The work is to be completed in time for the camping season next year.
Saskatchewan Environment said the main campground washroom facilities at both locations are more than three decades old and have deteriorated over time. The money earmarked for the facilities is part of a general announcement of $1.8 million the province made in the spring for park facility improvements.
The new facilities will have some “green” technologies new to provincial park washrooms, said Grant Godwin, manager of facility planning with the Park Services branch of Saskatchewan Environment.
Wind turbines will provide the facilities with supplemental electricity, he said.
“The other thing that we are demonstrating and modeling with these is solar hot water heaters for supplemental hot water,” he said.
There will be other more typical energy-efficient features as well, such as dual flush toilets, he said.
Construction to replace the facilities began this month, and will include new toilets, washrooms, showers and laundry facilities.
The department said Echo Valley and Rowan’s Ravine have both experienced a steady increase in park visitation over the past few years.


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