Thousand Trails Offering Free Wi-Fi

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Keeping pace with an industrywide trend, Thousand Trails/Leisure Time Resorts is now offering free Wi-Fi service at 57 of the 59 parks in its system – primarily from an on-site family or adult lodge, although some parks have it available at campsites near the lodge.
“Our goal is to have Wi-Fi service available at every preserve, but we have two locations, Paradise and Cascade, where this is proving difficult,” said CEO Joe McAdams in the July issue of the network’s Trailblazer magazine. “This is mostly because trees are interfering with the signal. Of course, we don’t want to cut down any trees, so we are working with our service provider to see if there is another solution.”
McAdams noted that some preserves have been experiencing service overloads, so they’re considering the installation of pay-to-use systems at those locations. However, he emphasized that Thousand Trails wants to continue to offer the service free of charge whenever possible.
“Anne Boorman at the St. Clair Preserve said her lodge looks like an Internet café on most days, with chair after chair occupied by someone with a laptop,” said McAdams. “Even at the adjoining pool area, she sees folks bringing their laptops to catch up on news or e-mails as they soak up the sun.”
In other Thousand Trails news:

  • Thousand Trails and recently acquired Outdoor World have signed a long-term lease agreement that gives Thousand Trails members access to 15 campgrounds operated by the East Coast organization. The two systems merged late last year in real terms but remain separate on an operational basis. However, the new agreement gives Thousand Trails members a limited number of upgrade opportunities at the Outdoor World resorts located in eight eastern states, according to McAdams.
  • In August, Thousand Trails introduced the new Thousand Trails RV Insurance program tailored to meet the needs of today’s RV owners and offering features not currently available from other carriers.
  • Through the system’s partnership with Equity LifeStyle Properties (ELS), Thousand Trails members have exclusive access to 40 campsites at the Tropic Winds Resort, an ELS holding in Harlingen, Texas. Thousand Trails recently renewed this agreement through Dec. 31, 2008. Thousand Trails also recently renewed the ELS Park Pass program. This one-year pass gives member access to selected ELS resorts in one of three regions – Florida, the Southwest and California.
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