U.S. Firm Outfits Chinese Campground

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Eureka! FloraLand Camping, China’s first and only family tenting campground on a North American-style amusement park, opened in Cheng-Du in China’s Szechuan province last July.
Eureka!, a division of Johnson Outdoors Inc., based in Binghamton, N.Y., is the official partner of the campground, providing the whole camping concept as well as tents and camping accessories, including air mattresses and sleeping bags. Since the grand opening, Eureka! FloraLand Camping has operated at near capacity, accommodating approximately 250 campers per weekend, according to a news release.
The partnership between the Chinese conglomerate Cheng-Du Zhixin Cooperation Ltd. Co. and Eureka! was initiated by the European division of Eureka! in 2006 during the final planning phase of FloraLand.
“The concept of an outdoor industry does not yet exist in China,” said Tina Gu, liaison from Zhixin Cooperation Ltd. “We turned to Eureka!, a respected manufacturer that has been providing shelter to family campers of all levels for more than 100 years. We wanted to go with a leader.”
“Our products are designed to encourage more consumers to appreciate the outdoors,” said Bill Kelly, vice president of Johnson Outdoors. “Supplying equipment to Floraland gives Eureka! the opportunity to introduce the outdoor lifestyle to a population that has never before had the tools to fully experience it. We are honored to play a pivotal role in China’s efforts to develop a new culture of camping. FloraLand also offers Eureka! a true grassroots avenue to enter a new market that shows tremendous growth potential.”
Visitors to Eureka! FloraLand Camping can rent Eureka! tents, sleeping bags and air mattresses on-site via a program developed by Eureka! Europe.
Due to the early success of Eureka! FloraLand Camping, both partners are initiating plans to open additional campgrounds throughout the country.


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