Pa. County Park Draws 150,000 Visitors

November 26, 2007 by   - () Comments Off on Pa. County Park Draws 150,000 Visitors

Moon Lake Park in Luzerne County, Pa., attracted an estimated 150,000 visitors this year for activities such as camping, swimming and hiking.
Park Diretor Clif Madrack attributes the near doubling in the number of visitors to the park’s enhanced appearance and gas prices that have prompted more local families to seek recreation closer to home, according to the Wilkes Barre Times-Leader.
Overall sprucing and infrastructure improvements have been made in recent years. In the past year alone, the park has received a boat dock, new campground fire pits, new garage roofs and landscaping. Brush was cleared out of tangled trails, and three pavilions are being installed.
“We really have the place spiffied up, and we’ll continue to do that,” Madrack said. “People won’t come to a dirty park, and this park is immaculate.”
During a county budget hearing on Nov. 20, Madrack said he budgeted the same amount of revenue for 2008 – $90,000 – because he doesn’t want a deficit if rain decreases attendance. The park has $399,000 in budgeted expenses, though Madrack is asking to bump it up to $416,550 next year. Though entry is free, the park provides fee-based services, including boat and campground rentals.
Madrack is trying to set up a Battle of Wyoming re-enactment at the park next year to promote county history and to draw new visitors to the facility.
“People would come from all over the East Coast,” Madrack said.


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