Minn. County Eyes New Campground Law

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The Fillmore County, Minn., planning commission is set to discuss on Jan. 24 a more restrictive county ordinance for campgrounds.
A year-long study and pending changes were spurred in 2006 after a potential buyer was ready to site a campground and neighbors protested, claiming the township board appeared to give immediate approval without adequate consideration, according to the Tribune Republican-Leader, Spring Valley, Minn.
Among the proposed stipulations are:

  • Campgrounds must be closed at least during the months of December, January and February. When closed, no recreational camping vehicle can be occupied by any person.
  • Recreation vehicles must be road-ready, meaning they must have hitches, wheels and a current license.
  • All RVs must be parked outside flood plains. Only tents are allowed to be set up in flood plains.
  • A new campground, or an expansion, must be located over 1,000 feet from existing dwellings unless part of an incorporated city. The reverse also is true; a new home would need to be built more than 1,000 feet from a campground. The setbacks make the campground ordinance consistent with current feedlot and rock quarry setbacks.
  • RVs with more than 320 square feet of living space will not be allowed in county campgrounds. This includes the even larger park models.
  • A new campground of more than 50 units – or an expansion of more than 50 units – will require an environmental assessment worksheet (EAW) study be done. Also, the commissioners may call for an EAW on any proposed site at their discretion.
    Once discussion concludes at the planning commission, a recommendation for the campground amendment will be sent to the county commissioners for final approval.
    A year-long moratorium on the creation of campgrounds in this picturesque area in the southeast corner of the state has been scheduled to either end or be extended in February.

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