BC Parks Camping Fees Adjusted

February 15, 2008 by   - () Comments Off on BC Parks Camping Fees Adjusted

The British Columbia Ministry of Environment will introduce an inflation-based increase to camping fees in most provincial parks on April 1 for the 2008 camping season. Camping fees will increase by $1 per night for rustic and basic sites, and by $2 per night for moderate and developed sites. Backcountry and parking fees will not change.
BC Parks camping fees remain competitive with those of Alberta, Ontario, Washington State, Oregon and Parks Canada, according to the Barriere, B.C., Star Journal.
Fee revenues will be reinvested in the BC Parks system to maintain and repair facilities, and to improve services. Many improvements have already taken place in provincial parks in recent years, including: Rebuilding day-use areas and campgrounds, upgrading drinking water systems, replacing shower and toilet buildings, and improving trails and roads. In fact, over the past three years, the B.C. government has made a capital investment of more than $65 million to improve park facilities and acquire new lands.
This is the first increase in camping fees since 2003 and it matches the general rate of inflation, which has gone up about 2% per year over the past five years.
In addition, the cost of operating campgrounds in B.C.’s provincial parks has increased about 20% since 2003 as a result of higher labor and fuel costs, and the need to upgrade many campground water systems to meet current provincial drinking water standards.
Since 2001, the provincial government has established 46 new parks, 65 conservancies, one ecological reserve and eight protected areas, and expanded almost 50 parks and six ecological reserves.


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