Morgan Management Buys Indiana Resort

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Morgan Management has purchased Indiana Beach amusement park and the Jellystone Park Camp-Resort near Monticello, Ind., from the Spackman family for an undisclosed price.
The sale was announced on Tuesday (Feb. 19), according to the Monticello Herald Journal. Principle owners of Morgan Management are Bob Morgan and Bob Moser.
The deal has been in the works since December when representatives of Morgan learned about Indiana Beach through the campground industry and contacted the Spackman family.
At this point few immediate changes are in store for the Indiana Beach operation, according to Spackman family spokesman Tom Spackman Jr.
Morgan Management owns a number of other campgrounds and RV resorts, about 10,000 apartments, water parks, five Jellystone camp-resorts, commercial office buildings and shopping plazas. It is based in Victor, N.Y., a Rochester suburb.
In addition to properties in their home state, others are located in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, as well as Florida, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin.
“I feel this is a very nice fit for Indiana Beach because of their strength in the camping industry,” Spackman said.
In a statement following the closing of the deal, Moser said the quality of the resort will remain.
“We are thrilled to be welcoming this historic Indiana family destination to the Morgan RV family. Guests of Indiana Beach will continue to take pleasure in the quality experience they have come to love over the past eight decades and enjoy an ongoing commitment to improving the destination year after year,” said Moser.
Spackman said the new owners were impressed with what the family had accomplished with the resort as well as the new ride – Steel Hawg – which is scheduled to be in place for the 2008 season.
He also said the decision to sell, although somewhat emotional, was not too difficult to make.
“It wasn’t that difficult really. You have to keep in mind that the family, with the exception of one sister, is all in their 60s,” said Spackman.
Spackman sisters Ruth Davis and Cathy Juntgen will continue to work in their same capacities at least through the next season and possibly beyond. Davis oversees employees and Juntgen operates the Yogi Bear Jellystone Park Camp-Resort.
Spackman said he will stay on at least for several months and likely through the 2008 season as a consultant.
“There will be a lot of additional people coming in as well,” Spackman said. There will also be good things happening along with an influx of finances to add more improvements down the road.
“They have a 24-hour call center for all of their campgrounds so you have a reservation service all the time. We don’t have that, we shut down during the winter around 5 p.m.,” said Spackman.
At Jellystone, the attempt has been to add a couple of camping cabins each year where someone else, possibly Morgan, might add 10 per year, he added.
While it may be business as usual for Indiana Beach as the park changes hands for the first time in its history, emotional ties are still hard to break.
“It’s a little bit hard from the fact that my granddad started it and I grew up with it – I don’t think there will be one thing I miss, it’s the total of things that I will miss,” said Spackman.


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