Canadian Loves Campground Ownership

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Katannya Kaylor loves an adventure.
Kaylor, who is from Vancouver, British Columbia, arrived in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, as the new owner of St. Ann’s Bay Campground on the August holiday weekend, one of the busiest of the year, according to The Cape Breton Post, St. Ann’s, Nova Scotia.
“I’ve worked at numerous jobs during my lifetime in various parts of the world. I had retired for the second time and was ready for my next adventure,” she said. “I found this little ad in the paper that didn’t even have a picture. I didn’t know even know where Cape Breton was on a map, but I was intrigued by this ad.”
Two weeks later she packed her belongings, gathered up her dog April and was on a flight to Nova Scotia.
Her grandparents were originally from Nova Scotia and moved out west in the 1950s.
Kaylor said she heard a lot of stories about Nova Scotia from her grandmother, Margaret Tingley, who wrote a book about the Maritimes.
“I’d never been to Cape Breton, but I immediately fell in love with the property with its walking trails and oceanfront,” Kaylor said.
”Her idea of running a campground was all about swimming in the afternoon and campfires. Little did I know it is about 16-hour days filled with hard work.”
For Kaylor, who dabbles in residential real estate, this was her first commercial property.
“You can’t beat the wide-open spaces, nature and the people. The people on this island for the most part are incredibly friendly,” she said.
She ran the campground for three months last year and, having made it through her first Cape Breton winter, feels she is better prepared for the upcoming season.
“Coming from the West Coast and being a city girl, I’ve seen more snow this winter than I’ve seen in my entire life. I had to buy a snow shovel, and brought cross-country skis and snowshoes. It’s been an incredible experience,” she said.
Kaylor plans to expand on the hiking trail, but added that any other changes will come with input from the campers.
“There is something magical about this island and its overall beauty, more than any other place I’ve lived.
“Where else would you open a door and have a moose standing not three feet away?”
“I’m here to stay. In fact, some of my friends from B.C. want to move here,” Kaylor said.


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