LSI Kicks off ’08 Season with Conference

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More than 75 recreation directors, campground owners and managers from 43 Jellystone Parks gathered in Cincinnati March 13-14 to get tips on improving camping experience for families.
The annual Campground Association for Recreation Education (CARE) conference is Leisure System, Inc.’s (LSI) signature event in the days leading up to the start of camping season, according to a news release.
“Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Parks take pride in catering to families and truly being vacation destinations and not just stopovers or places to sleep at the end of the day,” said Kelly Jones, director of franchisee development at LSI. “The CARE program makes sure we stay at the top of our game by educating and motivating staff and ensuring guests are entertained with our Yogi Bear brand of fun.”
CARE is organized by Jones and a seven-member committee, nominated and elected by Jellystone Park owners and staff. Topics presented at the conference touch on all aspects of the camping business, including: hiring staff and performance reviews, developing a recreation schedule, learning to effectively use the character costumes – including Yogi Bear, Boo Boo, Cindy Bear and Ranger Smith – and preparing the park for guest activities such as a scavenger hunt.
New to the Jellystone Park family of campgrounds, Tracy Tomasello is excited to implement the activity ideas and team-building exercises at her new Jellystone Park in Pine Grove, Calif. “The CARE conference was a great way to learn from seasoned professionals while interacting with other campground owners and recreation directors,” Tomasello said. “We’re excited to be part of such a successful franchise, and we think CARE is a big reason for that success.”
CARE began in 2001 as a way for campground personnel to meet, share ideas and best practices and make certain each campground maintains the standards held high by the Jellystone Park network. LSI covers the lodging and conference costs for two people from each Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park.


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