Texas Campground Survives ‘07 Flood

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The city-owned Vineyards Campground in Grapevine, Texas, was closed for more than three months last year after Lake Grapevine overflowed and flooded the place last July.
The roads were covered in mud, the trees had debris in them, the landscaping was ruined and many of the tent and RV sites were under water, according to the Fort Worth Star Telegram.
“Now we’re back to normal, and then some,” Joe Moore, the city’s assistant parks director, said last week. “We’ve made a lot of improvements.”
A new playground and refurbished cabins are among the fresh amenities that will be shown to visitors to an open house this week.
Last summer’s rains nearly wiped the area out, said Walt Bullock, who has lived and worked at the Vineyards for four years.
“It started raining and wouldn’t quit,” Bullock said, while tooling around the campgrounds on a golf cart last week.
He pointed out a water line 4 feet high on a tree more than 100 yards from the lake, up on a hill. “When it gets up that high, you know you’re in trouble.”
The city spent about $150,000 rebuilding the campground and lost about the same amount in revenue from being closed until mid-October, Moore said. Officials hope that the federal government will provide some reimbursement because the city was declared a disaster area.
The area’s appearance is not only back up to par, but business has returned as well, said Rosie Bullock, Walt’s wife, who works there, too.
“We don’t have many vacancies,” she said. “It went right back to normal.”


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