All KOAs Now On KampSight System

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A leading computerized campground operating system is now standard equipment at every Kampgrounds of America (KOA) park in North America.
KOA President and Chief Operating Officer Shane Ott set a target of May 1, 2008, for total adoption of the KampSight System. KampSight has been available to KOA owners since 2000, but not all KOAs had adopted the technology, according to a news release.
KOA franchisees stepped up to the challenge, bringing the proper hardware and training to their campgrounds to “close the loop” and bring 100% of the KOA system to KampSight, Ott said. The Billings, Mont.-based company now has 456 campgrounds across North America.
“It became obvious last fall that we had to close the loop and get 100% participation on KampSight by all KOA campgrounds,” said Ott. “We’ve had to say goodbye to some campgrounds that just weren’t willing to make the change. KampSight is now an integral part of being a KOA, and it allows us to continue to set the pace for the rest of the camping industry.”
Seven campgrounds chose not to convert to KampSight and have left the KOA system in the past few months. But, 11 existing KOA campgrounds have made the switch to KampSight in 2008, along with 12 new campgrounds just added to the KOA system.
The benefits of having every KOA on KampSight include:

  • All KOA campers will now have the same, expedited KampSight-driven check-in experience at every KOA because front desk staff will be able to know who each camper and their camping preferences.
  • Full utilization of KOA’s new Value Kard Rewards program. With KampSight, campgrounds are able to assign Value Kard Rewards points in a timely manner; offer Value Kard Rewards certificates that can be validated at the time of check in; verify that a Value Kard Rewards card is valid; and offer Value Kard Reward cards for sale online.
  • All KOA Kampgrounds are now networked to take advantage of Kampground-to-Kampground reservations and realtime Internet reservations, which gives campers accurate online rate quotes and completes the credit card transaction for reservations.
  • KampSight allows for more accurate data from KOA’s annual Kamper Satisfaction Survey, which provides campground owners with scientifically collected information from their own campers.
    KOA owners will not only get up-to-the-minute reports on the performance of their campground, but also more accurate reports on the performance of the entire KOA system.

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