San Diego Rec Areas Face Closure Threat

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Roughly a half-dozen hiking and recreational vehicle escapes in Riverside County, Calif., may be closed for the summer if the county’s board of supervisors decides to follow the fire department’s advice and bar the public from entering the areas due to high fire danger, according to the San Diego Union Tribune.
County Fire Chief John Hawkins is asking the board to order the closure of seven recreational grounds located mainly in the central and southwestern sections of the county.
The chief is citing concerns over dry conditions and the likelihood that a wildfire could easily ignite in each of the “hazardous fire areas” – all of which were ordered closed by the board around the same time last year.
Fire department documents listed the locations as:

  • Avery Canyon in southeast Hemet;
  • Indian Canyon & North Mountain in San Jacinto;
  • Minto Way in Sage, north of Aguanga;
  • Nuevo, east of Menifee Road and San Jacinto Avenue;
  • Ramona Bowl & Bautista Canyon in southeast Hemet;
  • Reinhardt Canyon, north of Highway 74 and California Avenue in Hemet;
  • Whitewater Canyon in Cabazon.
    The fire department sought the closures last year to hold down foot and vehicle traffic in the locations, thereby limiting the chances of a wildfire.
    If the board approves the closures, signs will be posted at entry points to each location, warning potential violators of fines and other penalties.
    Fire wardens and sheriff’s deputies will patrol the areas, according to fire department officials.
    Area residents will be permitted to travel in and out freely.

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