Colorado Campers Staying Close to Home

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Even though it wasn’t their typical vacation spot, Kathy and Bob Piotrowski of Eaton, Colo., had no complaints about relaxing near the shore of Boyd Lake not far from their home on a warm afternoon this week.
Normally, the couple drives their recreational vehicle into the Rocky Mountains for a summer getaway, but they already had spent $1,200 on gas for a spring trip to Arkansas and Tennessee, so they’ve had to cut expenses, according to Reporter-Herald, Loveland, Colo.
“At least we can come here,” Kathy Piotrowski said. “It’s a nice place.”
On Tuesday (June 17), the Piotrowskis weren’t the only Colorado campers staying close to home. Nearly all the recreational vehicles parked at the campsites sported Colorado license plates.
Vacationing close to home is a way travelers are still getting away, without going too far from their budgets.
Food and beverage prices rose 4.9% in the past year, which has caused the Piotrowskis to stop going to restaurants and stick to shopping lists at the store, she said.
Campers at a nearby site chose the potluck method.
Members of the Golden Nuggets, a camping group composed of retired people from the Denver area, were on their annual Boyd Lake camping trip that has been occurring for 50 years.
The high gas prices weren’t enough to stop the tradition.
To cut down on expenses, the members share food at potluck dinners and community breakfasts, said Patrick Donahue of Englewood.
Because many of the Golden Nuggets live on fixed incomes, they have to shop smartly.
“If you don’t make more money, you have to make the money go further,” said Russell Sutherland of Westminster.
The increased fuel prices have made the Golden Nuggets more conscious about the trips they make but haven’t quelled their wanderlust.
Donahue still plans to take a summer trip to the Northwest in his recreational vehicle but plans to drive less than 65 mph to conserve fuel.
Judy Carroll, whose husband, Mike, is the president of the Golden Nuggets, said gas prices have always gone up, and it’s just a matter of adjusting.
“You don’t stop living; you just manage a little differently,” Mike Carroll said.


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