Colorado Parks Rely on In-State Campers

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Recreational vehicle resorts in Colorado report the highest number of in-state travelers ever are staying in their campgrounds as vacationers are staying closer to home, according to
“It is the perfect getaway because we are in the mountains, we are at 9,000 feet,” said Tonya Wilde, owner of Gamblers Edge RV Resort located just outside Central City, Colo. “We are close enough to gambling and rafting.”
But will it be enough to earn a living?
On Monday (June 9), Gamblers Edge had five of its 67 spots filled. That is 10% below the same time last year. And their reservations for July don’t look much better.
But since they are only 35 miles from Denver, Wilde hopes Coloradans will come take advantage of all they have to offer.
“We are praying hard that the diehards are still going to get out there and camp,” said Wilde.
Wilde may be in luck. Nothing is going to stop those who RV every summer.
“Somehow, some way we will go even if we have to get a job along the way to pay for the fuel,” laughed a man ready to travel with his wife in his large motorhome.
Although some travelers aren’t willing to let high gas prices stop them, the price of gas is deterring others from buying the large motorhomes.
Smaller camper trailers are still selling, said the finance manager of Nolan’s RV and Marine in Lakewood, a Denver suburb. He said trailers that can be towed only decrease a truck’s gas mileage by one to two miles per gallon.
The manager also pointed out that even with high gas prices, RV vacations are still the least expensive way to travel.
Gas prices would have to reach $10 a gallon in order to cost the same as a similar trip including airfare, hotel accommodations and food, according to a study by the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association.


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