Durango RV Resort Donates Park Land to City

June 23, 2008 by   - () Comments Off on Durango RV Resort Donates Park Land to City

Red Bluff, Calif., gained a 25-acre park on June 17, part of the approval process for the Durango RV Resort’s environmental mitigation process in 2004.
The land transfer is good for all involved, Planning Director Scot Timboe said. The land helps offset Durango’s effect on the environment, and since it is located in the Sacramento River’s flood plain, it would be very expensive to develop. FEMA requires all buildings in the area be raised to a certain height and city restrictions are even stricter than that, according to the Red Bluff Daily News.
Gary Breen, owner of Durango and GMB Reality, will retain parcels on the edge of the park for future retail development. For its part, the city gets a free park, Timboe said.
“It’s difficult to get land, we’re not paying one red cent on it, and the county apparently doesn’t want to tax us on it,” Timboe said. He thanked Breen and the city for their efforts.
The area will remain largely undeveloped, save for a pathway funded by Durango, he said. The path will be open to public access even before it becomes paved. Once the park opens the first week of July, the path will remain open as long as people refrain from dumping garbage there.
Red Bluff is located along Interstate 5 in northern California.


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