Mississippi River Campers Evacuate

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As the flood water rises, the number of people along the Mississippi River continues to drop. Campers at Devil’s Backbone Park Campground in Grand Tower, Ill., are trying to pack up before the flood waters reach their campers.
Only a half dozen campers remained on Thursday (June 19) from the roughly 50. “I was going to wait for the last minute before I get out. Why? Well I like it down here,” camper Steve Fehr told WPSD-TV, Brockport, Ill.
The river rose 9.6 inches in a 24-hour period Wednesday. The Army Corps of Engineers expects the water to keep rising through June 24. “That’s gonna put it right across the road from us you know, if they’re predictions are right. That’s a bit too close for comfort,” said camper Beverly Alms.
It’s to close for comfort because the campground lies flat near the river. A one foot vertical rise in the water would move in horizontally 40 feet closer to the campers. “The way the river’s rising right now. I think I’m gonna hook up in the morning and move it, because I have a brand new camper and I don’t want it to get wet,” said Fehr.
The Mississippi River measured 40 feet at Grand Tower, about 12 feet above flood stage, on Thursday. It’s expected to crest around 43.5 feet by Tuesday.


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