Town OK’s Tent Camping Campground

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The town board of Westfield, N.Y., unanimously approved a special use permit for the property of Robert Williams for the creation of a campground.
The grounds, to be located in the western corner of the state, will have 18 campsites, for use only by tent camping. No trailers or campers will be allowed, according to the Dunkirk, N.Y., Observer.
The only major concern raised by residents at the public hearing was by Tom Herr, property owner of the land surrounding the dirt road that leads down into the gorge at the end of the access road.
“We have put up posted signs on several occasions but they disappear within days,” Herr said. “When people walk down the path, there are several locations where people will want to veer off onto our property to look at the view.”
The road itself is considered town property.
“We consider (it) a town road even though it is not paved,” Town Supervisor Martha Bills said. “The town and village use it as an access road and residents do use it regularly for walking.”
Herr’s concern is his liability for anyone, including campers, being injured while on his property. Williams understood Herr’s concern but felt it should not impact the board’s decision.
“People will probably walk down to the gorge, it is one of Westfield’s attractions,” Williams said, “but this is about us opening a campground on our property.”
The proposal was subject to an environmental review and was approved by the board contingent on the approval of the Chautauqua County Health Department.


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