Boil Water Orders at Flooded Campgrounds

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Emergency and relief crews continue to make significant progress responding to the devastating flooding in the area around Ruidoso, N.M., New Mexico Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (DHSEM) officials reported Tuesday (July 29).
Since Sunday, local fire departments, law enforcement, and National Guard have rescued about 600 residents and campers. They also delivered food and water to stranded individuals, according to KVIA-TV, El Paso, Texas.
Sherry Kamali of the New Mexico DHSEM estimated that about 70 individuals were still stranded in the North Loop and McDaniels areas, and officials worked around the clock to build a temporary bridge to assist the remaining people out of the area.
Ruidoso spokeswoman Darlene Hart said local officials have estimated the flood has caused up to $15 million in damage to bridges and roadways, but that figure could climb.
The flood also claimed the life of one man, 20-year-old Joseph Godines, but reports of up to five other missing people were resolved as families reconnected.
Local officials late Monday built a temporary bridge and assisted 293 individuals out of the area, most of them vacationers. Approximately a dozen individuals voluntarily stayed and most were to leave the area on Wednesday, officials said.
The New Mexico Environment Department has extended the boil-water advisory for consumers of the village of Ruidoso water system, whose customers include Smokey Bear Ranger Station/ Cedar Creek Campground, Bonito Hollow RV Park, Seeping Springs RV Park, River Ranch RV Park and South Fork Campground. Consumers are advised to boil tap water for five minutes before drinking, cooking and dishwashing.


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