Gay Campers Booted from K.C. Campground

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A gay and lesbian group who said it was kicked out of a suburban Kansas City, Mo., campground plans legal action.
The group, Pride Revolutions, rented about a dozen campsites July 11 at Longview Lake campground, but said it was harassed and that on July 12, it was told to leave by Jackson County park rangers and park attendees, according to KCTV Channel 5, Kansas City.
“We’re human beings like everyone else, and we just wanted to get together with our friends and have a nice weekend. We weren’t trying to cause any trouble,” said one of the campers, who didn’t want to be identified.
A representative of Jackson County Parks and Recreation said the campers were asked to leave because they were drinking alcohol, had dogs without leashes and committed other campground violation.
The camper said one member of their group violated the rules, not all of them, and she felt as if they were being watched and she felt unwelcome.
“We’re just going to move forward,” she said. “This shouldn’t be tolerated. It’s 2008. This is ridiculous.”
Jackson County officials released a statement saying they were reviewing the incident to “ensure that all of our staff met the high standards and expectations we set for them in terms of friendliness, respect and professionalism.”
They added that Jackson County was the first local government to establish domestic partner registry and domestic partner benefits.


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