Highway Workers Pack W. Va. Park

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Driving U.S. 35 north of Winfield, W.Va., toward Point Pleasant, you may notice that Tucker Creek Campground is in full swing.
Campers are packed into the three-acre, 20-lot campground. But one thing seems to be missing – the people.
That’s because throughout the day, these campers are construction workers, working on the construction of the new U.S. 35, according to the Putnam Standard, Cullodeen, W.Va.
James McClanahan and his wife, Emma, both of Charleston, have owned Tucker Creek Campground for about 15 years.
“We’re open year-round,” James McClanahan said. “Right now we’re geared toward construction workers.”
He said that families often come in and stay overnight. Sometimes, families will stay a week or two if they are in the area visiting other family during the holidays.
But, due to the construction workers, business is up from previous years.
“It’s been great,”?he said.
The campsites offer full water, electric and sewer hookups. The barn on the site, which houses the office, also has showers.
Also, even though there are no ATV trails on the campgrounds, he said that campers often ride their ATVs into Bower Woods, which is near the U.S.35 construction.
Once the construction workers are gone, which could be a few years, he said he would start gearing the campground toward local campers. He’ll have to put in some shade trees and “beautify” the grounds, he said.
But, that’s only if he’s still the owner, as the campground is for sale.
According to McClanahan, he is 67, his wife is 65, and they are just “burnt out on it.”
McClanahan has been trying to sell the campground for more than a year now. And just recently, he lowered the asking price.
He said that if a person would buy it, right now the revenue is around $5,400 a month. The buyer would make half purchase price back in two years, McClanahan said.


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