Indy Speedway RVers Get Safety Warning

July 24, 2008 by   - () Comments Off on Indy Speedway RVers Get Safety Warning

Recreational vehicle campers pulling into lots near the Indianapolis Motor Speedway today (July 24) for this weekend’s NASCAR Allstate 400 at the Brickyard will receive information from health officials about the dangers of carbon monoxide, according to the Indianapolis Star.
The Marion County Health Department has created fliers for lot owners to hand out to campers and signs to post, describing what the potentially deadly gas is, how it can show up in excessive amounts in their RVs and safety precautions they can take to prevent poisoning and death.
The warnings follow the May death of a 43-year-old Illinois man during the Indianapolis 500. Police said Michael Thies’ RV likely sucked in carbon monoxide emissions from nearby generators or engines. Coroners have not yet confirmed his cause of death, but three others in his RV were hospitalized with excessive amounts of carbon monoxide in their blood.
The health department advises campers to inspect their generators, avoid leaving windows down and vents open near generator exhaust and to direct the exhaust away from the camping area.
“If you’re going to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, we ask that people please maintain their vehicles so we won’t have to have any more of these tragedies on the track,” said Lt. Trent Theobald of the Speedway Police Department. “It’s something we look at that affects the whole community.”


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