Report: Indiana Grows RV Manufacturing Share

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If there’s any doubt that northern Indiana is the national RV manufacturing capital, it should be dispelled by the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association’s (RVIA) “Industry Profile 2007.”
The recently released statistical analysis of RV shipments for 2007 shows that Indiana’s share of the market climbed for the seventh straight year to 70%. Indiana’s share of the manufacturing market has grown steadily since 2003 when Hoosier companies built 58% of RVs shipped to dealers.
For the first time in a long while, California fell to third place behind Oregon after the closing last year of several California travel trailer plants.
In 2007, companies in Oregon had a 7.1% share of the market while California dropped to 6.9%.
The Golden State, on the other hand, was the top destination for RV shipments with 7.1%, while Texas was second with 6.7% and Florida third with 3.3%.
Other highlights gleaned from the profile:

  • Total shipments were 353,400 units.
  • As is traditional, towable shipments of 289,000 units far outweighed the 55,400 motorhomes shipped by manufacturers.
  • The retail value of towable and motorized shipments combined was $14.5 billion with motorhomes accounting for $7.7 billion of the total and towables $6.8 billion.
  • Although travel trailers 27 feet, 34 inches to 29 feet, 11 inches were the most popular sizes shipped to dealers, their percentage of the market declined while categories of 20 feet to 24 feet, 11 inches all increased.
  • The most popular Class A motorhomes were in lengths of 38 feet to 40 feet with 16.5% of the market, a decline from 22.3% in 2006.
  • Class C motorhomes in lengths of 30 feet to 32 feet 6 inches were the most popular, with 34% of the wholesale market.
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