RVRA Survey: RV Rentals on the Rise for 2008

July 2, 2008 by   - () Comments Off on RVRA Survey: RV Rentals on the Rise for 2008

RV rental companies anticipate 2008 to be better than last year, according to a new survey of members conducted by the Recreation Vehicle Rental Association (RVRA).
Those responding to the association’s annual survey are anticipating RV rental activity to be up an average of 20% this year.
“Most rental customers realize the increasing cost of gas is only a small percentage of the entire trip, and RV travel is still a great deal,” said RVRA Chairman Bert Alanko. “They are still enjoying an RV vacation, but taking shorter trips.”
RV rental companies are also adding more units to their fleets. The average rental fleet size for 2008 is 28 units, compared with 25 units in 2007. Dealers expanding their current fleet size are adding more Class C motorhomes and trailers.
The survey also showed that 36% of RV rental customers are booking shorter trips, while 42% are booking their rental for the same amount of time as the previous year. Twenty-one percent of reported customers are booking longer trips.
Survey respondents expect RV rentals by foreign visitors to make up 11% of all North American RV rentals in 2008, up 2% from 2007.


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