Tourism Fears Don’t Materialize in Nova Scotia

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Fears by campground owners near Truro, Nova Scotia, over a potentially disastrous season have proven unfounded thus far.
Soaring gas prices and an on-par Canadian dollar have caused some owners to worry about fewer American and western-Canadian visitors. And despite preparing for the worst, campground owners like Lynn Irving have been pleasantly surprised with this year’s season, according to the Truro Daily News.
“We had said, ‘you know this could be a tough summer,’ but it’s been about the same as last year,” said Irving, a co-owner of Sunset Watch Family Campground located in Tatamagouche. It would seem a combination of Maritimers, Quebecers and Europeans have been picking up the slack left by fewer long-distance recreational vehicles and campers.
“I can’t say that it’s (high prices) really affected us too much,” said Irving. “We find that people tend to stay a little bit longer. Rather than coming in for a day or two, people are staying for three or four, and maybe not traveling as far.”
Some campgrounds contacted by the newspaper, such as Hidden Hilltop Family Campground, actually reported an increase in business over last year. Hilltop owner Patricia Yorke credits her campground’s offering of incentives and deals to customers as the reason for the upswing.
“We’ve had the campground for seven years and tourism has dropped every single year for us. So we have chosen to market closer to home,” said Yorke, whose operation is in Glenholme, located on the Bay of Fundy.
Thanks to those close-to-home visitors, Stanley and Effie Moore are experiencing one of their biggest years ever. The couple have owned and operated Wide Open Wilderness Family Campground, located in Urbania, for the last six years. “There’s no United States (visitors) per-say, but local, oh my God they’re putting us over the top,” said Effie Moore.


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