Woman Gives Birth in Campground Bathroom

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Emily Brunner, 25, of West Bend, Wis., became a new mom on the afternoon of July 19 when she went into a bathroom at Mauthe Lake Campground in the Kettle Moraine Forest, near the town of Auburn, Wis., and gave birth on the bathroom floor, according to The Reporter, Fond du Lac, Wis.
“I had no clue at all that I was pregnant,” Brunner said.
She never fathomed that the cramps she began experiencing that morning might actually be labor pains. During the day, her doting boyfriend, Levi Ziehr, 32, also of West Bend, left the campsite where they were spending the weekend to purchase over-the-counter medication he thought might alleviate her discomfort.
“We just thought that there was something going on with her and that she just wasn’t feeling well,” he said.
About 3 p.m. that day, Brunner went into the bathroom, realized something was wrong and yelled out the door for Ziehr to call for help. Ziehr called 911 and during the course of that phone call went back to the bathroom where he found Brunner and a baby, both of whom were lying on the floor.
Two campsites away from Brunner and Ziehr, geriatric nurse Angie Boutin of La Crosse, Wis., heard the commotion and rushed to the scene to see if she could be of assistance.
“My husband had heard the boyfriend calling for help. He had said that some lady had just had a baby in the bathroom,” Boutin said. “At first, I really didn’t believe that.”
She quickly learned that Brunner had, in fact, given birth in the bathroom.
“Then I saw that the baby was not breathing, I knew that the baby needed immediate assistance. So I took over,” she said.
She checked the baby’s mouth and started rubbing her chest. About a minute later, the 8-pound girl, who has since been named Kaitlyn Ziehr, began breathing, Boutin said.
Authorities credit Boutin’s quick actions for saving Kaitlyn’s life. Boutin said she doubts the baby would’ve survived until an ambulance arrived.
“It was the hands of God at work, and we can’t thank her enough,” Ziehr said of Boutin’s actions. Brunner and her new baby were rushed by ambulance to West Bend Hospital, where both were examined.
“I was worried about her more than anything,” Brunner said. “I was still in shock but the nurses helped calm me down.”
Kaitlyn was placed on oxygen and given antibiotics. Brunner quickly learned her new baby would be fine. The two were discharged July 22.
Neither Ziehr nor Brunner, who’ve been dating for two years, was expecting young Kaitlyn. But now that reality has begun to set in with the new parents, they say they couldn’t be happier with their new addition.
Since the birth, Ziehr proposed to Brunner, and the two are planning to get married next summer.


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