Durango RV Resort Opens to First Customer

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Red Bluff, Calif., resident Ray Griffith takes his RV out on the road at least once a month and August is no exception. Last Friday (Aug. 8), the 63-year-old landscaper took his wife, his daughter and the family’s two dogs all the way around the block to Durango RV Resort in Red Bluff.
Griffith has been motorhoming for five years, ever since he and his wife, also his ballroom dancing partner, realized an RV allowed them to carry a wardrobe that would be impossible to fit in a car. So it is telling that Durango RV Resort’s first customer on Friday has been waiting for months to enter the park, according to the Red Bluff Daily News.
The park is upscale, he said and has all the amenities. Among those amenities are a full kitchen, a library and a sports complex that can be used as a tennis court or basketball court, and more. The family dogs have their own luxuries with several off-leash dog areas, a dog wash area and organic dog treats.
The family will not be using the equipment alone, either Griffith said he expects to invite a number of friends over to join him in enjoying the new park.
But Griffith, a Red Bluff resident since 1977, is almost more excited about the prospects the park brings to Red Bluff than his vacation. He can remember when the former quarry site was abandoned and strewn with trash.
This is so exciting for the northern California town, he said. “We were living here when the first McDonald’s came….this is much more exciting than that,” he said.
Griffith said the Durango sign overlooking the freeway, to be adorned with a “Now Open” sign on Monday, will be enough to attract the many RVs traveling up and down I-5. Once they do, he expects families to venture out of the complex and into the adjacent Belle Mill Landing shopping center, spending their traveling dollars at local businesses and giving back to the Red Bluff economy.


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