Fuel Costs Spike Bluegrass Fest Attendance

August 14, 2008 by   - () Comments Off on Fuel Costs Spike Bluegrass Fest Attendance

The license plates of the campers and cars parked at Milan’s K.C. Campground in Milan, Mich., last weekend came from across the East – Ohio, Virginia, Tennessee and Florida.
What brought them together was the enduring appeal of the Milan Bluegrass Festival, which featured 18 leading bluegrass artists for the 11th annual edition of the event. The festival opened Aug. 7 and closed Aug. 9.
K.C. Campground’s Mark and Peggy Ann Gaynier said that attendance at this year’s festival was the highest yet, according to the Milan News-Leader.
“It was our biggest year ever,” Mark Gaynier said. “Our turnout was excellent.”
While rising gas prices might have been expected to slow the fleet of campers and RVs arriving at K.C. for the festival, Mark Gaynier said that fuel costs could have actually helped this year’s attendance.
“We had a lot of families this year from Michigan, Indiana and Ohio,” he said. “Instead of going down South, they stayed closer to home. Where before they might go to a big bluegrass festival in Kentucky or Tennessee, now they can come here and see an even better show.”
Milan is located south of Detroit.


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