Gettysburg Campground Welcomes Bluegrass Fans

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The Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival began in 1979 as a 2 1/2-day festival with 20 shows. Now in its 57th festival, it is held twice a year for four days, and features about 50 performances from some of the top names in bluegrass.
And bluegrass fans should not be disappointed with this year’s festival, which will be today (Aug. 21) through Sunday at Granite Hill Camping Resort, a 300-site Good Sam park six miles west of Gettysburg, Pa., according to The Evening Sun, Hanover, Pa.
In 1977, owner Joe Cornett decided to create a family-friendly bluegrass festival at his Granite Hill Campground. He set out to bring the top acts in bluegrass to Gettysburg and provide the audience with a relaxed, but safe atmosphere.
After the first festival in 1979, it took about five years to become a well-known event in the bluegrass community. Cornett credits the gradual success of the festival to the campground, which he has described as “an ideal site” for a family-friendly festival.
As the festival continued to be a success in the bluegrass industry, it expanded to two four-day festivals in May and August with a variety of performances and music workshops. Joe and Lil Cornett continued to run the festival and campground until 2002, when Cyndie and Rich Winklemann, the Cornetts’ daughter and son-in-law, took over running both.
“I think the biggest reward is just having the opportunity to continue on with what my father built and trying to hold it up to his standards, and trying to improve it if we potentially can,” Cyndie said. “It’s a lot of work, but it’s an incredible opportunity and it’s fun.”
In keeping with tradition, the Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival will also be offering workshops with bluegrass artists each day.


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