New Ohio River RV Park in the Works

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Charlie Watterson envisions his Watterson’s Sunnyside RV Ranch, under construction along the Ohio River near Apple Grove, W.Va., as both a campground and a ranch.
The park will offer scenic views of the river, lush greenery, four accesses to the river and beach area and a petting zoo, according to the Point Pleasant (W.Va.) Register.
“This is a campground and a farm. I raise RVs to support the farm because of my childhood love to farm. Ever since I was 6 years old, I wanted to farm,” he said.
He hopes to have the campground ready by April 2009.
When complete, the RV ranch will offer 110 lease lots, with 51 being water-front lots.
The petting zoo will include animals such as miniature donkeys, miniature horses, sheep, billy goats, pygmy goats and hogs. Watterson said he plans to eventually put in a pool at the campground and perhaps in the future build a small water park on the premises.
Watterson said owning an RV ranch with riverfront property has been his lifelong dream. After years of working, that dream came true when he had the opportunity to purchase the land.
Watterson added that because the community has been so supportive of his endeavors, he and his father purchased animals at the Mason County Fair to show their appreciation. According to Watterson, the animals purchased from the fairs will be part of the petting zoo.
“With the petting zoo I plan on breeding the animals and giving them to the less fortunate so they will be able to compete in the Mason County Fair and Cabell County Fair,” Watterson said.
As for the farm aspect, Watterson said campers will have access to the farm and that he plans to have a small number of cattle on the farm. Perhaps the one thing Watterson is most excited about is preserving the nature of the area while creating a relaxing vacation spot.
Watterson encouraged those who lease lots to build docks, plant gardens and make their area home. He also encouraged campers to bring their golf carts and bicycles.
“Something about the river makes people drawn to it. I want people to relax and enjoy life here,” he said.
While much of Watterson’s campground will be lease lots, he said he will accept those coming for weekend and overnight stays as well. In addition, Watterson said he would allow people to camp now, but it would be primitive camping since the water, electric and sewage sites are not finished yet.


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