Ohio to Allow Limited Wastewater Certification

September 4, 2008 by   - () Comments Off on Ohio to Allow Limited Wastewater Certification

The Ohio EPA has created a new classification of wastewater facility called the Class A system. The definition of a Class A system is one that treats 25,000 gallons of sewage per day or less, according to a story in the September News Bulletin distributed by the Ohio Campground Owners Association.
Owners of small wastewater systems that have been permitted by the Ohio EPA have a unique opportunity to become grandfathered as limited Class A wastewater treatment operators. In order to qualify as a limited Class A operator, an owner needs to fill out the Limited Class A application, documenting at least 12 months experience working at a small wastewater plant, and pay the $25 application fee.
The limited Class A certification is plant specific and cannot be used to operate other wastewater plants. This opportunity will end on Dec. 21. Beginning on Dec. 22, applicants will have to pay application and exam fees and pass an examination in order to become certified.
The application for limited Class A certification can be found on the Ohio EPA’s website at the following link:
Campground owners with questions should contact the Ohio EPA operator certification unit at (614) 644-2752.


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