Reno Explains Law on ‘Dry Camping’

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The city of Reno, Nev., says RVs must be parked overnight in designated parks, not in casino or store parking lots. It’s not a new rule but it’s gaining more attention lately, according to KTVN-TV, Reno.
Water and sewer hook ups at RV parks keep waste out of a public parking lot. So this ordinance pretty much stems from health concerns.
It’s a 1996 ordinance and is making itself visible again, as the city of Reno cracks down.
“In June we sent letters to two of the casinos in town in response to a complaint regarding people sleeping overnight in the casino parking lots,” says Alex Woodley, Reno’s code enforcement manager.
The Atlantis Casino Resort is putting notifications on the windshields of RVs in its parking lot, warning them it’s against the law to park overnight there, instead of in a designated RV Park.
Woodley says it’s not meant to be an inconvenience or keep tourists away, it’s a health issue.
“We reponded to a call and I went out and actually observed an individual throwing out the grease that he just finished cooking with,” says Woodley. “He threw it right outside of the door, into the parking lot.”
But, grease isn’t the only waste people have left behind in a parking lot. Woodley says a few years ago they city responded to a hazmat situation because of what someone dumped in a parking lot.
The city doesn’t issue a fine to the casino, shopping center or even the person in the RV. Instead, Woodley says a courtesy letter will go to the owner of the property.
“At this point we have not experienced any property owners not willing to comply,” says Woodley. “There are many cities and states that have the exact same ordinance.”
Woodley says the city wants to keep visitors coming to Reno, but it wants people to follow the rules and it doesn’t believe staying in an RV park is a great financial burden for them to do.
The Grand Sierra Resort has RVs parked on its property because it has a special permit to allow it. The city of Reno says any casino or business could apply for one.


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