Thieves Strike Parks 7th Straight Year

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For the seventh summer in a row, burglars have stolen thousands of dollars of property from campgrounds in Island Park in Idaho Falls, Idaho. In fact, Fremont County police estimate over $100,000 of items have been stolen over the past few years, according to KIDK – Idaho Falls.
High-end fishing gear, cash, generators and other items have been taken from the Buffalo campground, the Riverside campground and the Warm River campground.
The thieves are pretty smart. They do the same thing every year at the same campgrounds and they monitor who’s visiting when.
“They won’t come in twice with the same ground camped,” said Fremont Co. Sheriff Ralph Davis. “They will hit them and then they won’t come back again for a week, two weeks, three weeks.”
To try and catch the thieves, the sheriff’s office starting camping at the grounds over weekends. However, once deputies started setting up their tents, the thefts mysteriously stopped.
“We’re pretty confident that somebody close to these operations are feeding information back to the people that are committing the thefts,” said Davis.
The sheriff’s office hopes someone knows something about the burglaries and will assist in the investigation.
As for next summer, deputies will be back out patrolling with a little help.
“We’ll probably go with more cameras in this next season and see if we can catch these people,” said Davis.


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