Campground Tax Payment Checks Bounce

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The third-largest taxpayer in Preston, Conn., is delinquent on its taxes, and on Tuesday (Oct. 14) officials were notified that the owners of Strawberry Park Resort Campground bounced two checks worth $26,903.
Dealing with a deficit in her office’s bank account, Tax Collector Hattie Wucik has asked the selectmen for advice on how to handle the situation, according to The Day, New London.
On Wednesday Wucik said she would not discuss the issue until after the selectmen’s meeting.
Wednesday afternoon, Hyman Biber, owner of the campground, said he was not aware of the issue.
“I don’t understand why no one from the tax collector’s office called us on this, and we will make good on it immediately,” Biber said.
According to a letter Wucik submitted to the selectmen, on Oct. 3, Biber gave Wucik two checks – one for $25,903 and the other for $377.23. Earlier in the day Wucik had been contacted by an attorney inquiring about potential taxes owed on the site.
On Oct. 7, Biber asked Wucik to “hold the two checks for a couple of days,” according to the letter. Wucik wrote that she denied his request, saying she does not hold payments.
On Tuesday morning, the town’s treasurer went online to monitor the town’s accounts. She noticed that the tax collector’s account was overdrawn by $24,872. The treasurer electronically transferred money to cover the account and then wrote Wucik a note about its status.
Wucik confirmed with bank officials Tuesday afternoon that the checks written by Biber were rejected due to insufficient funds.
In total, Strawberry Park owes the town $36,844 in delinquent motor vehicle taxes and the first installment of real estate taxes.


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