Holiday Express Check-In Big Hit at Va. Park

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Editor’s Note: Ken Gedicke’s Holiday Express Check-In at his Gloucester Point Family Campground, Gloucester, Va., was voted the Best Idea at the Virginia Campground Association (VCA) meeting in October. Here are some features of the Holiday Express Check-In procedure. Thanks to Ken and VCA Executive Director David Gorin for sharing these with Woodall’s Campground Management.

  • All holiday reservations must be paid in full two weeks prior to holiday to hold the site.
  • Upon pulling into the campground entrance driveway, arriving guests are welcomed by a staff member greeter.
  • The greeter confirms the guest’s reservation with the scheduled check-in list.
  • The guest is provided with a handout that explains the check-in requirements and are requested to have one person from their party return to the registration desk within an hour to complete the registration process.
  • The guests are then escorted to site, shown the location of their hookups, reminded to return to complete their registration and asked if they need any further assistance.
  • The escort radios the office after the guest is on site and returns to escort the next arrival.
  • The reservation staff pulls the guest’s check-in package and has it waiting for the guest when they arrive at the registration desk.
  • The staff confirms reservation information with each guest when they return to the registration desk, makes any adjustments, supplies rentals (golf carts, bikes, etc.) and has the guest sign the registration forms.
    “We have received many positive comments from this procedure,” said Gedicke. “Most mentioned by our guests is that they can get to site so quickly and start setting up. They are not waiting in line to check-in, especially if they have been sitting in traffic. They can get into the vacation sprit and start enjoying themselves almost as soon as they pull off the road. This check-in procedure should be able to work with any size campground. The only adjustments would be to have the proper number of escorts to handle the amount of check-ins expected.”

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