ARVC Urges Chairman’s Club Membership

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ARVC’s Chairman’s Club is made up of members who value and support ARVC’s public affairs programs.
“The support from members like us enables ARVC to build a strong presence in Washington, D.C., so we can meet the many important challenges and issues that face us,” writes ARVC Chairman Mark Anderson in the current issue of the ARVC Report. “Our members tell us that protecting their interests and representing their voice in Washington is one of the most important functions ARVC can provide.
“We cannot increase our public affairs programs without your help. As a Chairman’s Club member, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you are doing everything possible to help protect the RV park and campground industry from burdensome, restrictive or unfair legislation and regulation.”
ARVC noted that the Chairman’s Club is growing in importance as the challenges from government increase. Among the public affairs issues facing the RV park and campground industry in 2009 identified by ARVC are these:

  • CAFÉ legislation — we need to keep vehicles capable of towing RVs on the road and affordable.
  • Highway funding — critical to keeping RVs on the road and to the growth and sustenance of tourism.
  • Small business tax issues.
  • Continue our fight against unfair competition.
  • Monitor National Park Service management policies.
  • Influence gateways legislation.
  • Monitoring the changes regarding the new administration that affect our industry.
    Possible future programs:

  • Involvement in programs like “No Child Left Inside.”
  • Pursuing the public health initiative related to the park industry.
    Membership fees to join the Chairman’s Club go directly to fund ARVC’s public affairs activities – no funds are diverted for other purposes.
    Chairman’s Club benefits include knowledge that you are helping to protect your business, annual subscription to monthly ARVC National Issues Bulletin, special club membership only area at annual InSites Convention & Expo and a special gift for joining.

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