ARVC/TACO Begin to Mend Fences

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The National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC) and Texas Association of Campground Owners (TACO) issued a joint news release on Thursday (Dec. 11) following a phone discussion between their respective CEOs.
The discussion and joint release are the latest developments in a controversy spawned this fall after the TACO board addressed increased state programs and the budget required earlier this year by deciding to seek cooperating status with ARVC for 2009 and let its 386 members decide on their own whether to pay ARVC dues for 2009.
The decision, conveyed to ARVC President and CEO Linda Profaizer in late October, set off a series of meetings before and during the InSites Convention in Nashville, Tenn., in mid-November. Several other large states have discussed taking similar action and await the outcome of the TACO decision before moving forward.
“The intent is for 60% of the TACO members, at a minimum, to join ARVC so that TACO can attain the cooperative status,” according to the joint release which bore the headline “TACO Moves to Cooperative ARVC Membership.”
TACO remains a fully affiliated ARVC member through the end of January 2009, “though if TACO does not get a minimum of 60% of their members to join ARVC, they will not have met the qualifications to become a cooperating state. The state would become a direct membership state at that point,” the release continued.
The ARVC dues statements are going out this month to TACO members.
“It is the hope of both ARVC and TACO that membership exceeds the 60% level,” the joint release continued. “The benefits of both associations are significant and can be seen at and, respectively. If membership is dropped in either organization, any park currently using those benefits would lose them.”
The joint release further notes, “While the ARVC bylaws allow for a cooperating status, the intention of the bylaws was not to enable affiliated states to drop to cooperating status, but rather just the other way around. Steps are being taken to strengthen the intent of the ARVC bylaws. ARVC’s Chairman Mark Anderson and Immediate Past Chairman Max Gibbs have accepted TACO’s invitation to its Jan. 14 board meeting in Texas to further discuss the issue.”
Profaizer has a previous commitment and will not be attending the meeting.
TACO, which is among the top three states in terms of number of campgrounds and campsites among all ARVC member states, surveyed its members earlier this year, and, according to the joint release, learned these priorities:

  • The No. 1 concern was government affairs. They wanted TACO to be more involved on the state level, with national concerns not far behind.
  • No. 2, TACO members wanted a PR campaign that focused on Texas that would benefit Texas parks. TACO has instituted a state-based program and ARVC is developing a nationwide campaign as well.
    Profaizer indicated that “this is all we have to say at this point.”
    She said the two parties will provide additional information after the January meeting.

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