Campground Encourages Lean Decorating

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Ocean Lakes Family Campground in Myrtle Beach, S.C., encouraged its employees to get in the Christmas spirit this month by decorating a tree or wreath, but there was a catch. They could not buy any decorations. They had to decorate with only items they could find in their own department.
In light of hard economic times, the marketing department thought it would be fun to save money and decorate two wreaths with what they had in their office, according to a news release. “Everyone was stopping by our department to see,” said Barb Krumm, marketing director. “It actually did not start as a contest, rather more of a creative challenge. We just wanted everyone to have fun and get in the holiday spirit.”
However, once the challenge was issued across all departments of the mega park (more than 3,000 sites), it was clear a contest was on.
• The front office staff created wreaths with bows out of oversize maps and car passes, as well as a 3-foot tall tree out of campground maps.
• “Then came the wreath by the storage department guys!” said Krumm. They stunned everyone with their wreath made of a blown camper tire, decorated with flashing tail lights, mangled camper parts, reflectors and more. “At first, I think the other teammates felt overwhelmed, and I heard several teammates say, ‘Storage has won!’ But in end I think storage really brought on the challenge, I could have never imagined the 11 entries would be so awesome,” she Krumm.
• The security department created a wreath with old uniform shirts, handcuffs, reports, confiscated items and a flashing blue light.
• The human resources wreath includes time reports, decals, office supplies, an entire time clock and a pay check addressed “Santa HR Has Been Good.”
• The game center features a bow made out of redeemable game tickets, toys that blink and even a plastic helicopter.
• The golf carts department entry tree includes neon, parts, reflectors, a working horn button and even light switches. It’s topped with a star made of washers.
• The RV center’s wreath is made on a toilet lid with rolls of toilet paper, parts and supplies.
“We are considering auctioning them off to Ocean Lakes guests this summer to raise money for charity,” said Krumm. Judging is taking place Friday afternoon (Dec. 12). Employees are casting ballots for three winners: Most Festive, Wow! and Most Creative Use of Departmental Supplies


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