Surveys Reveal Behavior, Habits of RVers

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If you want to know about the habits of RVers, you’ll find it at, where once a week for five years the editors have surveyed their readers to learn their likes, dislikes and behaviors. On average, about 1,500 to 2,000 RVers respond to each weekly survey question.
“I think that statistically our readers represent pretty closely all RVers,” said editor Chuck Woodbury in a news release. “They are the owners of small travel trailers, large motorhomes and everything in between. Twenty-five percent paid less than $25,000 for their RVs and half less than $50,000,” he said. “Twelve percent paid more than $150,000.”
Here is a little of what Woodbury and his staff have learned about RVer behavior and habits from their surveys:

  • More than half of readers say their perfect size RV is between 26 and 35 feet. Only 3% believe an RV longer than 40 feet is the best size.
  • Fifty-four percent of the RVers have stayed a night for free in a Wal-Mart parking lot. Most Wal-Mart stores welcome overnight stays in RVs, although more all the time are banning the practice because of abuse by some RVers.
  • Only 19% of RVers always shut off their propane at the tank when traveling. More than half never do so. RV fire and safety experts recommend propane always be turned off while an RV is on the road.
  • When dumping their holding tanks, nearly half of all RVers wear disposable gloves. – 22% use a work glove, and 28% wear no glove.
  • Most RVers, 84%, have never had anything stolen from their RV or campsite. The most-often mentioned thefts occurred when RVs were in commercial storage facilities.
  • One quarter of RVers have had a pizza delivered to them at their campsite.
  • One out of five RVers attend church services every week while on the road. Nearly half never attend services while traveling by RV. Others attend occasionally.
  • If a chipmunk wandered into an RVer’s campsite looking for a snack, 40% of the critters would go away hungry: the RVers would not feed it. Others might or might not feed it.
  • The RVers surveyed by get lousy gas mileage. Two-thirds get less than 10 miles per gallon, and only 9% do better than 14 miles per gallon.
  • Even though NASCAR races attract many RVers who camp at or near the track, NASCAR racing isn’t all that big with the readers of, where only 13% have ever attended an event.
  • RVers may be a generous lot, but they are not keen on lending their RVs to a close friend. Only 7% would gladly do so, and nearly half would never do it. The others might or might not.
  • The best beverage for starting a day according to 63% of RVers surveyed is with a cup of coffee. Juice is the second favorite at 17%, followed by tea at 7%. One percent prefer beer. is in its eighth year of publishing its weekly online newsletter, read by nearly 100,000 RVers each issue. Its archives of reader surveys are available its website.

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