Cajun City Seeks $3 Million for New Park

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Community leaders in St. Martinville, La., are working to bring an RV park to the nearby Longfellow-Evangeline State Park.
St. Martinville Mayor Thomas Nelson said the idea was brought up two or three years ago and was pursued through the Parks and Recreation Department, but to get adequate funding it will be operated through the Office of State Parks, according to The Daily Iberian, New Iberia.
“We don’t have a hotel except for Beno’s on the outskirts of town,” Nelson said. “There’s a need through the city for a park.”
Nelson said state officials are working to get the more than $3 million it will take for the park to be built.
Mills said the state and the city have a working relationship with Longfellow-Evangeline Park because Magnolia Park, which is owned by the city, is located in the back of the park.
“The location has good synergy because the city’s made good use of that property with a ball park,” Mills said. “It would be a nice addition.”
The design and location of the park has been finalized by city and state leaders involved, Mills said, and is now waiting for the “main challenge,” finding the money.
“We have to see if we can find the dollars to make this thing work,” Mills said. “We’re going to try to make this a real park to be utilized by people in the area.”
Though there is no official timeline as to when the project will break ground, Nelson said if the money can be obtained through this year’s capital outlay budget, the designs could become a reality within a year.


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