Cherry Hill Park Braces for Inaugural Influx

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The employees at Cherry Hill Park in Prince George’s County, Md., have been preparing for an unusually large number of winter visitors since the day Barack Obama was elected president.
One of the first things visitors to the center will notice is a plethora of Barack Obama-related merchandise. Glasses, bracelets, buttons emblazoned with his image, magnets, T-shirts and other things are displayed near the entrance of the office and camp store, according to the Montgomery County Sentinel, Rockville, Md.
Long before Obama ran for office, there were Washington, D.C. souvenirs for sale in the store, park owner Mike Guervich said.
However, the day after the presidential election in November, Guervich said the store manager went to Tennessee to purchase Obama items.
Guervich’s family has owned the park for 20 years, and the No. 83 bus makes its regular rounds into the RV park to pick up riders who want to go to D.C., but with the expected influx of visitors, there will be supplemental bus service.
“People just want to be there when it happens,” he said about the inauguration. “They want to be part of the action, part of history.”
Guervich said he expects that many of the people who stay in the RV park will also venture to the Lincoln Memorial, museums, the zoo and the post-inauguration parade.
He said his staff is ready for the surge in patrons which is expected to start this Friday (Jan. 16). If the weather is bad, he said some of the patrons may arrive even earlier to the park.
“We’re selling Washington, D.C. This could be the biggest event in Washington, D.C., in terms of numbers of people and certainly the security,” Guervich said. “There probably isn’t a city in America that wouldn’t like to have this event to help their economy.”
Many of the visitors will be coming in RVs and some will stay in tents. Guervich said the clubhouse will be open to guests should the heaters in their temporary homes fail.


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