Developer Questions ‘Pricy’ Hookup Fees

January 7, 2009 by   - () Comments Off on Developer Questions ‘Pricy’ Hookup Fees

The ongoing discussions of a proposed RV park in Hardin, Mo., shifted to the cost of 10 separate water and sewer line hook-ups during a recent town council meeting.
Hardin resident Jason Raasch is trying to get approval to build a 10-unit, two-acre RV park in the town of 600 located 20 miles east of Kansas City. Raasch initially asked for a council vote on his park. Mayor Bob McCorkendale said they could not vote, because they have not been presented a site plan, according to the Richmond, Mo., Daily News.
Raasch said he did present a plan three months ago, but aldermen countered that it was not a detailed document, as requested. Raasch said there are many variables in constructing the RV park that couldn’t be guaranteed on a site plan.
“We don’t know how deep the sewer lines will be,” Raasch said. “Like any underground digging, you really don’t know what’s down there.”
Raasch also told the council that the permits and hook-ups for 10 independent water and sewer lines was too pricy.
“I don’t think it’s fair to pay $12,000 for fees – $5,000 for just water (permits),” he said. “It’s pricing me out of the ballpark.”
Alderman Colin Chang said the council could look at variances for individual costs for the project.


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