TengoInternet Offers Touch Screen Systems

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Two Austin, Texas, technology companies are partnering to provide RV parks with a tool to more effectively communicate with guests and collect feedback.
TengoInternet, a wireless Internet provider for the RV industry, and interactive digital media company DisplayPoints will deploy DisplayPoints’ touch-screen systems to client resorts, replacing existing flyers and brochures that have been used to convey information to guests, according to the Austin Business Journal.
Park operators and advertisers can log in to the web-based interface, upload their content and wirelessly deploy it to the remote displays.
DisplayPoints executives anticipate the deal will bring in $750,000 in new revenue in the first year and upward of $2 million in future years.
“DisplayPoints’ capabilities differentiate TengoInternet from other wireless service providers by enhancing the value that RV resort and campground owners receive from offering Internet service to their guests,” said Eric Stumberg, TengoInternet CEO. “The power of the Internet can and should bring value for the campground and ensure high quality information for the resident.”
Four Austin entrepreneurs founded DisplayPoints in February 2007. The company is an interactive, place-based media network used primarily in restaurants and consumer venues.


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