Florida Tourism Fell 2.3% in 2008

February 18, 2009 by   - () Comments Off on Florida Tourism Fell 2.3% in 2008

About 82.5 million visitors traveled to Florida in 2008, roughly 2.3% less than 2007, according to statistics released Monday (Feb. 16).
As reported by the Associated Press, more Florida residents are also sticking close to home during the tough economic time, taking in-state vacations. Those trips increased by 22.9% in 2008, matching trends among recreational vehicle users
Total visits were actually up during the first part of 2008, but started tumbling when news about the economy hit, according to VISIT FLORIDA officials. Families changed vacation plans and companies canceled conventions.
Before 2008, visitors to the state had increased steadily for seven years.
However, international visitors not hit by the U.S. economy are taking advantage of great travel deals. Canadian travel to Florida increased by 14% overall in 2008.
Experts say similar drops are also being seen in travel spots like California and Las Vegas.
“Americans are being very conservative in their travel today,” said Bud Nocera, VISIT FLORIDA’s president and CEO.


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